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Frequency drives

Efficiency with frequency drives

A frequency drive is an electronic machine that changes the frequency of alternating current (AC) from one fixed frequency to another. Traditionally, these devices were electromechanical machines (a combination of a motor and generator), and were referred to as “dynamic” variable speed drives. With the advent of semiconductor electronics, fully electronic drives became possible, which are often considered “static” drives (with no moving parts).

Today, frequency drives are a standard part of all automated applications and are used to control the speeds of efficient induction motors, permanent magnet motors, EC motors and synchronous reluctance motors. Many motors are not able to operate without this control when connected directly to a standard 3-phase power supply.

Adjusting the speed of an application has many advantages:

  • It saves energy and improves efficiency.
  • It matches the speed to the process requirements
  • Adjusting the torque or power of an inverter to the process requirements
  • It improves the working environment
  • It reduces mechanical stress on machines
  • It reduces noise levels (e.g. in fans and pumps).


Supplier of CG Emotron drives

Since its establishment in 2006, Marotechniek has been a supplier of CG Emotron brand AC drives. Thanks to this partnership, Marotechniek is able to supply drives with powers ranging from 230Vac to 690Vac, both in air- and liquid-cooled versions.

Marotechniek is recognized as a certified service partner by CG Emotron. This allows Marotechniek to maintain and repair AC drives through field engineers trained by CG Emotron itself. In addition, Marotechniek facilitates stock of AC drives and spare parts.

Our products

  • Emotron FDU 2.1 AC drives: for pump and fan applications
  • Emotron FDU2.1 AC drives: for hoisting and high torque applications
  • Emotron Active Front End (AFE) 2.1 Freq drives: for low harmonic and regenerative operation
  • Emotron TSA: Softstarters with built-in bypass

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