(Dredging) Instrumentation

Marotechniek offers stock of dredging related instrumentation, such as:

  • Analog pressure transducers, relative and absolute
  • Inclinometers -60⁰ to +90⁰ in a stainless steel IP68 housing and fitted with EMC cable gland
  • Doppler speedometers
  • Analog joysticks with center and direction contacts
  • Analog crossbow meters (on request)
  • Brake resistors
  • Non-nuclear concentration measurement (on request)

Non-nuclear concentration measurement

Marotechniek delivers a Non-nuclear concentration measurement based on a weight measurement. The weight of the mixture is measured accurately by calibration with water.

The measured values are processed in the Advanced Dredge Control, where they are converted to m3/hour or ton/hour. The concentration measurement module is standard in the system, but the software is also available separately.

Innovation and sustainability

Marotechniek is engaged in efficient operations in the international maritime sector. We do this by providing the sector with (innovative) solutions to work more efficiently and/or energy-efficiently. In addition to advice, knowledge and a unique end product, we also form extracurricular added value in the social, ecological and economic fields. This way we contribute to a sustainable world.

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