Visualization (Scada) and process control

Visualization and scada

The installation is often displayed using a touch screen or a computer with a scada system. This visualizes the entire installation, and the status of each component can be easily monitored and viewed. Operation is also performed from this visualization.

Marotechniek has developed and further refined the Advanced Dredge Control platform over the past 25 years. This platform offers the operator complete freedom in configuration and setup without the assistance of a software engineer. The operator himself can set the different ranges of, for example, pressure or angle sensors. Marotechniek’s Advanced Dredge Control is available in Dutch, English, German, French, Polish and Russian, as well as in the metric or American measurement system.

The Advanced Dredge Control is equipped with the following controls

  • Comprehensive and balanced suction tube (Vacuum) automatic
  • Speed automatic
  • Production automatic
  • Energy-saving control for jet pump(s)
  • Non-nuclear concentration measurement
  • Swing functions for cutter operation

Process controls

Marotechniek specializes in process controls, such as PID controls for dredge control and in manure processing. An efficient process is crucial to achieve optimum efficiency.

Innovation and sustainability

Marotechniek is engaged in efficient operations in the international maritime sector. We do this by providing the sector with (innovative) solutions to work more efficiently and/or energy-efficiently. In addition to advice, knowledge and a unique end product, we also form extracurricular added value in the social, ecological and economic fields. This way we contribute to a sustainable world.

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