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Submersible and special engines from Marotechniek

With more than 30 years of experience in underwater drives, controls and special solutions for the Dredging, Marine, Offshore and Industrial sectors, Marotechniek is your reliable partner. We supply components and complete installations, including controls, software and automation, also as turn-key solutions.

At Marotechniek, we have our own production, assembly and repair facilities, and our service and repair department is available to you 24/7 for on-site inspection and repair. Our engineering department develops and designs all submersible motors in SolidWorks 3D CAD software, and this is done to high quality standards and standards in accordance with IEC 60034 (LV).

Upon request, we can supply our products under a witness load test or full certification by a notified body (NoBo), such as DNV/GL, B.V. or LR.

In 2014, Marotechniek developed an innovative new electric underwater motor based on Permanent Magnet Technology. This motor features built-in “Permanent Magnets,” eliminating the need to magnetize the rotor. The elimination of reactive current reduces the required amperage, leading to higher efficiency. Overall, this motor is 4-6% more efficient than the traditional short-circuit anchor motor and is much more compact and lighter in weight. As of 2015, approximately 30 units are now in successful operation.

Below is an overview of the product range of Marotechniek’s underwater and specialty motors.

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"Are you looking for an submersible or special motor? Marotechniek develops a tailor-made total solution for you!"

Our products

Controls and automation

Marotechniek specializes in the design and manufacture of complete controls and automation systems on a turn-key basis for industrial, marine and dredging applications. Our extensive knowledge of both mechanical and electrical systems and our in-house production facilities enable us to supply complete systems that fully meet your requirements.

Our program includes panel construction, touchscreen controls, complete dredging systems, automation software and angle, depth and suction line measurement. In addition, we offer conversion of electrical installations and on-site service in case of malfunctions. Marotechniek is also an authorized sales and service partner of Emotron frequency converters.

Over the past 16 years, we have already supplied more than 100 submersible drives, which are still used today in efficient production processes with a high level of customer satisfaction and excellent service.

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Innovation and sustainability

Marotechniek is engaged in efficient operations in the international maritime sector. We do this by providing the sector with (innovative) solutions to work more efficiently and/or energy-efficiently. In addition to advice, knowledge and a unique end product, we also form extracurricular added value in the social, ecological and economic fields. This way we contribute to a sustainable world.

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Marotechniek cooperates with various international partners, such as Siemens and Hitachi. Curious about who we all work with?

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