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Marotechniek Controls

Marotechniek Controls distinct off reliability, class A products, reliable with a low down time, remote monitoring and consultant possible.

Marotechniek Controls has specialized in the following applications:
  • Controls of hoist applications for winches included constant tensioning
  • Main current MCC standard till 3200A, 400/690Vac, above 3200A in request
  • Advanced dredge control
  • HMI on PC or touchscreen
  • Frequency drives from 0.25kW till 3000kW (Low voltage)
  • Medium voltage drives
  • Own hard and software department
  • Worldwide service 24/7 for hardware, software and frequency drives

Controls of hoist applications for winches included constant tensioning:
Marotechniek has a long time experience of hoist applications for winches, from simply Direct On Line till high performance constant tensioning with frequency drives. Controlled by wire, communication or by radio remote controls.

Main current MCC standard till 3200A, 400/690Vac, above 3200A in request:
Marotechniek assembled main current cabinets (engineered by Rittal Power Engineering) with possibility of power analyzers, motor running circuit breakers. Following NEN1010, NEN-EN 60-204-1, NEN-EN-IEC 60-439-1 and NEN 3140.

Marotechniek Dredge Control

Marotechniek developed one of the modern dredge control system who is available in the market.

Highlights of this Dredge Control are:
  • Intelligent suction pipe control with a extensively parameter settings
  • Intelligent rpm control for a stable process
  • Production control for a stable process
  • A lot of different panel meters on PC screen for example vacuum, pressures, rpm, speeds, concentration and production (Cross needle) etc.
  • Tracing to compare different process values
  • Fault history for trips and pre warnings
  • remote reporting and diagnostic possible via Internet (GPRS modem)

PLC standard are the Siemens S7-300/1200/1500 series, communication with Profibus DP or Profinet protocols. Plc and bus communications from other manufactures are also possible.

HMI by Siemens WIN CC with English, German, French, Russian, Bulgarian and Romanian languages. On request we deliver every language you want.

Dredge equipment like pressure and incline transmitters, speed measurements (Doppler and electromagnetics), radioactive density measurement and non-radioactive measurement for reliable  production measurements.

Possibilities to monitoring the dredge control by GSM modem.

Marotechniek has their own electrical and drives specialists/engineers.

Winch control for hoisting and constant tensioning applications, Direct On Line and by frequency drive.

Projects on turnkey based.

We are there for you 24/7 with our maintenance department for repair or inspection om location.


Frequency Drives 230/400/690Vac

Marotechniek uses modern frequency drives from Emotron. Marotechniek has a long term relationship and since the beginning  of 2015 we are officially partner of Emotron frequency drives.

This official partnership means the following:
  • Full trained service engineers and certificated by Emotron
  • Spare parts for frequency drives in our own stock
  • Frequency drives in stock up to 800KW (400v)
  • Full control over the inverter and knowledge of all functions
  • Access to factory parameters for fine tuning
  • Service and application engineer for frequency drives
  • Commissioning world wide

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General info Emotron FDU 2.0 for variable torque applications

General info Emotron VFX 2.0, high dynamics for demanding applications

AFE Active Front End frequency drives

  • Regenerative braking saves energy
  • Low harmonic distortions: THDI <5%
  • Non-sensitive to voltage drops or harmonics, voltage boosting ensures full motor power
  • 100% power in both directions
  • Genuine unity power factor
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Harmonic distortions grately reduced compared to conventional AC drives
  • Reduced power losses allow for smaller cables and transformers
  • Fewer malfunctgions in other electronic equipment

Softstarters 230/400/690Vac

Medium voltage frequency drives

FRENIC4600FM5e Fuji Medium-voltage IGBT Inverters 390 kVA up to 10500kVa

Substantial reduction of harmonic current on power source side

FRENIC4600FM5e suppresses the harmonics by using a multi-pulse diode rectification system (24 to 60 pulses), thereby substantially reducing the generation of harmonics in comparison with previous models. The harmonic generation level stipulated in IEEE-519 (1992) is satisfied. This inverter is ideal for power sources.

Total inverter efficiency as high as approximate 97%

Because an output transformer is unnecessary, inherent losses are eliminated.

Multi-level PWM control minimizes switching loss.

Because the harmonic current on the power source side is reduced, the primary winding of the input transformer has a reduced harmonic losses.

Source power factor as high as 95% or more

Due to full-wave rectification with multi-phase diodes, operation is allowed with the source power factor (power factor on power source side) set at a high level.

A phase advancing capacitor and a DC reactor for improving the source power factor are unnecessary.

A smaller power capacity suffices for inverter operation.

High reliability

Higher equipment reliability is achieved by reducing the number of inverter cells by
using a single-phase, 3-level inverter, etc..

Stable operation is maintained despite load fluctuations, by the simple sensor-less vector control
function. The control device has a 32-bit MPU for quick response and high-accuracy.

Vector control

Vector control with a speed sensor is available (as an option) for equipment having high speed and torque accuracy requirements. (option)

Easy maintenance

The inverter is air-cooled, requiring no cooling water. Start/stop operation, parameter setting, fault display and data monitoring are performed on the touch panel with simple loader functions. Simple, built-in auto-tuning functions facilitate testing and adjustment. Fault diagnoses are easily performed. A dry-type input transformer is adopted.

Standard interface

Maro Techniek  delivers MV drives and Soft starters together with MV motors engineered at customer specifications.

High quality MV drives with MTBF time of 500.000 hours.

High quality MV motors, build in Europe.

Dedicated engineers for onsite inspection, maintenance and commissioning, Stipel certificated (MV -Installation responsible)

Inspection on site worldwide with the latest equipment for reliable reporting in order to plan maintenance and secure the process.

Medium voltage softstarters