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Together towards a sustainable future

Sustainable and innovative enterprise is of great importance at Marotechniek

Within the maritime sector this is becoming increasingly important. We can achieve this sustainability thanks to our ability to think in terms of innovative solutions. This way we are committed to working more and energy efficiently in our sector.

We are specialists in three fields, namely Industrial Automation, Winches and Electric Motors. And with these subject areas, we contribute to efficient and innovative business in our industry. We offer a number of interesting solutions that facilitate this.

  • Winches specially developed for the windmill industry
  • Intelligent power management for fuel saving
  • High efficiency permanent magnet motors

Marotechniek facilitates sustainable products

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Marotechniek develops sustainable products

Marotechniek focuses on developing sustainable products that allow our clients to do business more efficient.

Pumps and fans pose a significant energy burden. Marotechniek has designed software for the extraction of sand and gravel that prevents unnecessary high speeds in the mixture flow. This is achieved by measuring the desired flow and pressure and making modern variable speed drive technology work optimally in combination with PID controls.

Since 2014, Marotechniek has focused on developing modern, high-efficiency technology for electric motors. One example is our electric motors with permanent magnets. These are increasingly replacing asynchronous motors. High efficiency of over 96.5%, high torque – even at low speeds – and compact construction are huge advantages. They are therefore being used in more and more applications.

The emission of CO2 and particulate matter is prevented on site with an electrically driven cutter head vacuum cleaner, for example, provides a huge gain in terms of pollution of sensitive areas. Moreover, an electric motor causes considerably less noise pollution for people and animals.

Our electric motors make a nice contribution to more environmentally friendly and efficient business and are also extremely economical.

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A sustainable business premises

Marotechniek heats and cools the entire building efficiently and sustainably using a heat pump in combination with geothermal heat. We do not need a gas connection.

410 solar panels were installed on the roof of our branch in Zutphen in two phases, generating approximately 114 MWh of sustainable energy annually. This allows us to supply 90% of our building with electricity. A modern air treatment unit was recently installed on the roof. This provides better indoor temperature control with energy-efficient pressure control so that the right amount of air is always refreshed in our office building. Our offices are equipped with modern LED lighting with presence detectors, which automatically turns off after 5 minutes of unused time. Our windows are made of HR++ glass with a high insulation value (R-value).

In the area of mobility, we aim to switch as much as possible to hybrid and, in time, to 100% electric company cars. Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact. Our current fleet currently consists of 3 hybrid cars and in time our company buses will also be replaced by electric versions.

To show our commitment to sustainability, we have developed a new logo that better reflects what we as Marotechniek stand for, namely continuous development in the field of sustainable maritime solutions, with the aim of satisfying the end customer and reducing our impact on the environment.

More information about our sustainable ambition

Marotechniek contributes to sustainability
through innovative solutions
- Marotechniek B.V.